November 7 post

Lunch Specials:

Tuesday: Cheeseburger sub & fries 8.99

Wednesday: Spaghetti & meatballs, salad, garlic bread 8.25

Thursday: Smokehouse chicken sandwich & fries 8.95

Friday: Fried haddock or salmon cakes, fries & slaw 9.95

Daily specials & Fall/Winter items also available.

Book your Holiday events now for on site & off site catering!

Daily Specials & Lunches

Daily Specials:

Tuesday: 15% of wings. 5-9 pm. Dine in only.

Wednesday: Fried Seafood Platter. Fried shrimp, oysters & clams with Old                             Bay fresh cut fries  $18.99

Thursday: 5-9 pm & Sunday 12-7 pm. 1 lb. crab legs, 1/2 lb. steamed                                  shrimp & Old Bay fresh cut fries $34.99

Friday 5-9 pm & Saturday 12-9 pm: Fresh steamed hard shell crabs.

Lunch Specials this week…

Tuesday: Buffalo chicken sandwich & fries 8.50

Wednesday: Grilled ham & cheese with tomato soup 7.50

Thursday: 1/4 lb. chili dog & fresh cut fries 7.50

Friday: Fried haddock or salmon cakes, fries & slaw 9.95

Oct 23 post

Devils Backbone Vienna Lager is now on draft!

Crabs, oysters, clams, shrimp & crab legs ares available.

Lunch Specials:

Tuesday: Hot roast beef sandwich , fresh cut fries, gravy 9.75

Wednesday: Chicken slippery pot pie                               6.99

Thursday: Sloppy Joe & fresh cut fries                            8.25

Friday: Fried haddock or salmon cakes, fries, slaw       9.95


October 17

We are accepting applications for kitchen positions.

Crabs are still coming in fresh several times per week for dine in and take out.

Lunch Specials

Tuesday: Meatball sub & fries 8.50

Wednesday: Chicken salad sandwich & fries 6.25

Thursday: Pork BBQ sandwich & fresh cut fries 8.50

Friday: Fried haddock or salmon cakes, fries & slaw 9.95


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