Upcoming specials and lunches this week

In our never ending support for our service men & women, we are honored to offer all veterans a 10% discount next Monday on Veterans Day!

Wednesday November 21 will begin our yearly oyster specials. This will include raw, steamed, Rockefeller & fried. Stay tuned for more details.

Crabs will continue on current schedule till the 17th.. There wont be any crabs the weekend of Nov.23 &24.  We will continue to steam to order on Fridays 5-9 pm & Saturdays 12-9 pm starting Nov.30.

Lunch specials this week

Monday: Grilled cheese & fries 6.25

Tuesday: Pasta w/ meat sauce, salad, garlic bread 7.95

Wednesday: Chicken fries steak, mashed potatoes & gravy, veggie                                                                                                                    7.95

Thursday: Cheeseburger sub & fries 6.95

Friday: Fried Haddock, fries & slaw  9.95

Lunch Specials 10/29-11-2

Monday: Grilled cheese & cup of chili  7.95

Tuesday: Chicken salad & chips 5.95

Wednesday: Pork BBQ sandwich & onion rings 7.95

Thursday: French Dip & fresh cut fries 8.95

Friday: Fried Haddock, fries & slaw 8.95

Lunch specials for the cool weather

Monday: Grilled ham & cheese with fries 5.95

Tuesday: Slippery chicken pot pie, corn bread 6.25

Wednesday: Meatloaf, mashed potatoes & gravy, veggie 7.95

Thursday: Cheeseburger sub & frie s6.95

Friday: Fried Haddock, fries & slaw 8.95

July 4th crabs

The crab shack will open at 12 noon on July 4th and serve till     9 pm or until supplies last. Please call to make reservations.


Try our our new chefs specials. Fish tacos, fish bites, jerk chicken & summer salads.

Week of June 18th

Crabs are coming in and selling out quickly, call to place your orders to go or make your table reservations for inside dining.

The  only lunch special will be Friday this week, our popular fried haddock or salmon cakes with fries & slaw $9.95

Happy Memorial Day!

Regular menu today. We do have a few #2 male crabs for today.

Lunch Specials:

Tuesday: Ham steak, mashed potatoes, green beans 7.25

Wednesday: Fish tacos & rice 9.99

Thursday: Cheeseburger sub & fries 6.95

Friday: Fried haddock or salmon cakes, fries & slaw 8.95


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